Train the Facilitator Program

The train the facilitator programme will be run by a UK expert, Suzanne Williams, who has in depth experience in this kind of campaign and training, both in South East Asia, South Africa and the UK.

Suzanne will provide the initial training materials which will then be adapted by the local trainers for the local context. The Train the Facilitator training will take place over 6 days. The first 2 days will be about awareness-raising and changing attitudes and behaviour on a personal level, as well as understanding the social, cultural and political meanings of GBV. The first step will be for them to change themselves, before they can influence and change others. So, the first 2 days of training will be working on their own gender-related attitudes and behaviour and understanding and attitudes towards GBV. This will ensure the confidence they need in order to influence others, and that they must have a clear and consistent understanding if they are to be able to transmit accurate and appropriate messages to the people and groups they engage with. This will then be followed by 4 days of capacity building itself.

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