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MEN AGAINST VIOLENCE (MAV) – awareness and prevention of violence against women and girls

Major problems are faced by children from homes where either a female member of the family or they themselves are victim to violence of any shape or form.


  • One in three woman suffers physical or sexual assault by a man at some point in her life
  • Nine out of ten perpetrators of physical assault are men
  • 95% of all domestic violence is perpetrated by men
  • 25% of all men will use violence against a partner in their lifetime
  • Almost 100% of those imprisoned for rape are men

There is a huge cost related to Gender Based Violence (GBV) including health care services, judicial services and social services as well as indirect costs including lost productivity from both paid work and unpaid work, as well as the foregone value of lifetime earnings for women who have been killed. Other effects include:

  • Negative school attendance and performance
  • Decline in health status and quality of life
  • Intergenerational effects of violence
  • Reduced civic/community participation
  • Vicious circle of a culture of violence

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